Building African Startups

There is an art to this that not many people have, including entrepreneurs like myself could appreciate until halfway through my second startup. It’s worth a whole lot of your time if you are going to get into it. In an ideal world, there would be books about it, seminars and lot’s and lot’s of experts. But that’s just not how it is right now. But we can have conversations with people that can open up the can of Afro-business worms and teach us all a couple of things.

Putting all that I know together with good people I know in entrepreneurship, you should learn some really fundamental basics for running a business that does not have to work on Venture Capital (though that is also alright as well) and some basics on the kind of grit and thought process you will have to learn to make a business last and work here. Because lasting and working…very different things in our African context.

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