The Bigger Picture

The person on the roof sees a lot. But the person on the plane, more than that. The one in the space station more than that. The one spying on you through a satellite more than that, the one on the moon even more.. you catch my drift. There is nothing like a bigger picture. There is always a bigger one than that. But there is something like a small picture. When we limit what we want to see and focus on only seeing that one thing. Then we become stamp viewers. Small minded types.. you know people like that don’t you.

Fear drives how we see things more that we want to admit. Fear that you can’t do it, make it or achieve is one kind of fear. The other kind is the one where you are afraid you can! You can win, get it, achieve it or become it. And that is a valid fear. But only for a time. Well, the time is up, you have to get going. Because nothing is worse than regretting you didn’t, not that you couldn’t.

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