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In today’s world, financial literacy is increasingly recognized as a crucial life skill, yet it remains vastly under-taught.

With ‘My Startup Workbook’, we’re providing you with a tool that will get you and your startup from concept to launch; how do you know if there’s something you over looked in your planning? How do you gather your target audience? 


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Rapidly evolving business landscapes are the norm today for both startups and established businesses that face common challenges in navigating uncertainty, adapting to change, and staying competitive.

Many startups struggle with limited resources, lack of market validation, and uncertainty about their product-market fit.

On the other hand, older businesses may grapple with inertia, legacy systems, and the need to innovate in order to remain relevant in a dynamic marketplace. Both face the risk of failure if they don’t continuously innovate and respond to shifting market demands.


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You are what you decide you are. The first. The last. The norm. The don. 

So decide. Then become.

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